9 Oct 3-4pm Masterclass

Thursday, 9 Oct, 3-4pm: Masterclass on “Politeness in the Enlightenment”: contact Charlotte at charlotte.alston@northumbria.ac.uk

Markku Peltonen, who is currently Visiting Professor with Northumbria’s Medieval and Early Modern Research Group, has kindly agreed to give a master class for PhD students on the topic ‘Politeness in the Enlightenment’. The session will take place on Thursday 9th October at 3 pm. Markku is a Professor at the University of Helsinki, and one of the world’s leading scholars of the modern history of thought.

Politeness in the Enlightenment

This class considers the topic of politeness in the Enlightenment, from the late 17th century to the mid 18th century. Politeness, although often discussed and used in 18th-century cultural and social history, has had its most distinctive role in the intellectual history of the period. Through a close reading of several key texts of the period, we will explore the central aspects of politeness, including the ways in which it was defined and conceived, the possible changes in its meanings, its theoretical underpinnings, its social locations and its political significance. We will relate these readings to the work of recent historians. The authors whose texts we will discuss include not only such well-known authors as John Locke and Jean-Jacques Rousseau but also a number of less well-known authors, who provide an important intellectual context for their more famous contemporaries.

If you would like to attend, could you email Charlotte to register your interest? There will be some reading for the session, which will be circulated to participants nearer the time.


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