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Elizabeth A. Andersen, Henrike Laehnemann: 

Hagiography and Historiography: Female Saints in the Nuremberg Chronicle (1493) 

27 May 2014, 1-2pm, Northumbria University, LIP 121

Hartman Schedel, Nuremberg Chronicle (1493): Pope Joan depicted
Hartmann Schedel, Nuremberg Chronicle (1493): Pope Joan depicted as Maria

What place is afforded to women in Hartmann Schedel’s Nuremberg Chronicle of 1493? The monumental work is structured as an all-encompassing world history following the succession of secular and sacred rulers – a predominantly male domain. Nonetheless, an astonishing array of female characters figures in the text and the woodcuts. The talk will concentrate on how hagiographical trends in the 15th century allow women to come on stage – and in the process turning the “dryness” of historiography into a colourful comicstrip of stories.

Dr Elizabeth A. Andersen is head of the School of Modern Languages at Newcastle University. She did her PhD in Middle High German Literature at the University of Edinburgh in 1986. She investigates the circulation of Latin and Low German devotional texts through the mercantile channels of the Hanseatic League, and her most recent article is on the impact that the translation of Birgitta of Sweden’s ‘Revelationes’ into Low German had on art and literature from  the  14th through  to the  early 16th century.

Prof. Dr. Henrike Lähnemann is Chair of German Studies at Newcastle University. She investigates religious reform and female culture in German monasteries prior to the Reformation. Her latest book is co-written with Ulrike Hascher-Berger, an edition and investigation of a liturgical manuscript and its use in the Northern German Cistercian convent of Medingen (c. 1479).


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