About Us

The Medieval and Early Modern group at Northumbria University in Newcastle upon Tyne has research expertise in early modern Britain, France, Germany, Italy, the Low Countries, Switzerland and Spain, with an ability to work on transnational subjects from a variety of interdisciplinary perspectives. Particular areas of strength include Italian Humanism, post-Reformation religious, book history, political and intellectual cultures in the British Isles, Germany and Switzerland; British revolutions of the seventeenth century and republicanism in a broad European context; the social and cultural history of early modern Britain with a particular focus on gender, economic culture, everyday life, material culture and heritage, beliefs and practices; literary and cultural appropriations of early modern texts; the urban history of pre-modern Europe; the history of late medieval and early modern France. Research expertise in medieval and early modern Spain covers issues of female authority, monarchy, power and religious cultures at the Castilian, Navarrese, and Aragonese courts.

Starting with January 2014, the Medieval and Early Modern Research Group is launching a series of activities, among them brown bag lunches to discuss work in progress and monthly workshops on specific topics. Please email us for the latest updates.

Steering Group at Northumbria University (History):

Anja-Silvia Goeing (Co-ordinator)
Joseph Hardwick
Alan Harvey
Andrea Knox
Gaby Mahlberg
Neil Murphy
Tawny Paul
Carlos Conde Solares
Lesley Twomey

Contact email: anja-silvia.goeing (at) northumbria.ac.uk


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